Halfway Houses in New Hampshire

new_hampshireSearching for a halfway house in New Hampshire? Yes, you have reached the right place. We will help you in finding out some of the best halfway houses in New Hampshire and guide you into choosing the right one too!

The state of New Hampshire has a population of 1,309,940 and there are several admissions taking place in the drug and alcohol treatment centers every single day. As a result Halfway houses or ¾ homes are also becoming equally important to help the patients resort to a new life with positive attitude and a better meaning to it.

Halfway houses are an essential part of a rehab program which helps the people undergoing rehab treatment to resort to a sober living soon after they are released from the treatment centers. It is a transitional residence for them after the treatment and prior to assuming normalcy in their lives.

One should always remember that a halfway house is not an addiction treatment center or a rehab center. It is a transitional living facility where the addicts further pursue their recovery process once they get released from the addiction treatment centers. The basic idea of a halfway house is that it ensures the recovering person a sense of security. A family alone cannot give the total physical as well as emotional support required by a recovering person from drug or alcohol abuse. It is a collaborative approach of professionals and family members which plays a decisive factor in the person assuming normalcy giving a better meaning to their lives.

After an addict undergoes a rehab program it is not mandatory that they stay in the halfway house. But it is advisable that they stay, as they begin a new life with a new support system and this can only be achieved through professional help and guidance. The average stay in a halfway house varies from 3 to 6 months and may exceed depending on the recovering person’s level of comfort.

If you are searching for a halfway house or any kind of sober living facility in New Hampshire we will help you to get the best one which will suit your priorities.

Below is a list of halfway house facilities with their location in the state of New Hampshire.

Tricounty Community Action Program (provides an excellent sober living facilities for men and women) in Bethlehem.

Phoenix House (good and reputable transitional living facilities and offers a safe, clean, and supportive environment to the individuals undergoing recovery) in Keene.

Southeastern New Hampshire Services (transitional living facilities with a safe and secured environment and provides lessons for self development and employment and has several branches within the city) in Dover.

Headrest (offers good sober living facilities and also helps to develop the skills for a better living) in Lebanon.

NH Div Alcohol and Drug abuse Prevention (halfway house with some of the best facilities for quick healing of mind, body, and soul.) in Manchester.

Greater Nashua Council on Alcoholism (a transitional living facility for men and women in a safe and secured environment) in Nashua.

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