Halfway houses in Tennessee

tennesseeSearching for a halfway house in Tennessee? Just relax and let us do the job for you. Our professional experts will not only assist you to find the best halfway houses in the state of Tennessee but also help you in choosing the right one! They will go through your case before suggesting the most appropriate and transitional living facility for you or your dear ones.

There are about 5,962,959 people living in Tennessee and the capital city is Nashville. The state has been facing drug and alcohol abuse problems quite regularly. There are many well-structured and properly maintained treatment centers and transitional living facilities in the state like many other states in the United States. We will help you out with the process and ensure you the best in the state to suit your specific requirements.

The process of recovery from addiction or alcoholism is a complex and multistage process. Medications, therapies, counseling, abstinence programs, etc. make the process even more complex. It is a collaborative approach that involves the families, treatment professionals, and the recovering individuals themselves. Once the treatment is over the addicts need to stay in a transitional living or a recovery residence also called the halfway houses.

The environment to which an individual is exposed after their treatment in an addiction treatment center is very crucial. Often these people do not wish to get back to their old surroundings and needs to develop a new support system. Residing in a friendly atmosphere, sharing ideas and thoughts, and acclimatizing with the things learned in the treatment centers is a key to a successful recovery program. Here they are taught new skills for living, coping stress, and strategies to start the life in a new way.

If you live in the state of Tennessee and are seeking a halfway house facility for yourself or a loved one, you may call our local numbers in the major cities of the state. If you live in another area, simply dial our toll-free number.

Below is a list of Halfway houses in different locations of Tennessee;

Council for Alcohol/DA Services Inc. (provides a safe, private, clean, and sober living atmosphere for both men and women ensuring lasting recovery and soberness and has two centers in the state) in Chattanooga.

New Life Lodge (offers transitional living facilities in a good environment with the best amenities and educative programs) in Burns.

Aspell Recovery Center (offers a safe and secured environment with all sober living facilities) in Jackson.

Serenity Recovery Center (offers some of the best facilities for transitional living for the youth and the adolescents) in Memphis.

Harbor House Inc. (a halfway house for adults and adolescents with several centers in the various states) in Memphis.

Place of Hope (provides sober living facilities and ensures quick recovery for men and women) in Columbia.

Agape Inc. (good transitional living facilities for recovering patients from drug and alcohol abuse and having several centers in the city) in Knoxville.

Our professional experts will help you to select the right halfway house according to your priorities. So don’t hesitate and call right away!

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