Halfway houses in Texas

texasSearching for a halfway house in Texas? Then look no further. We will help you in finding out some of the best halfway houses in the state of Texas and choosing the right one too!

Texas has a population of 22,859,968 which is fairly larger in terms of US standards. Its capital city is Austin. The state has been facing constant problems of drug and alcohol abuse and problems are on the rise. Hence, treatment centers and rehab programs catering to substance abuse victims are also becoming important for treating the addicts back to normalcy.

Halfway houses are becoming an essential part of a rehab program. They help the people undergoing rehab treatments to go through an acclimatization process soon after they are released from the treatment centers. It is a transitional residence for the addicts after the treatment and prior to assuming normalcy in their lives.

Halfway house is not a rehab or a treatment center. It is a total recovery facility which provides a pure and sober environment where the person who has already undergone treatment continues their process of recovering. Residing in a friendly atmosphere and acclimatizing with the things learned in these halfway houses makes the recovery process faster and well organized.

Halfway house or recovery house facilities have their own set of guidelines. The average residing period varies from 3 to 6 months depending on the persons’ recovery status. It may be prolonged at times and is a mutual understanding between the professionals and the recovering individuals along with their families. Like most other states in US the average price range of a halfway house facility varies in between $90 to $150 per week in Texas and may go way beyond depending on the amenities provided.

If you are searching for a halfway house or any kind of sober living facility in Texas this is just the right place for you. Halfway houses in Texas will provide you with the following facilities:

  • A safe and secured atmosphere with good living facilities.
  • Active participation in programs related to education and awareness to substance abuse.
  • Personality development traits and courses pertaining to self analysis.
  • Counseling sessions with professionals.
  • Outdoor activities and trips.
  • Lessons about financial planning.
  • Physical training sessions
  • Group discussions on daily basis among the inmates and professionals on relevant topics.

Below is a list of halfway house facilities with their location in the state of Texas.

Alcoholic Recovery Center (provides one of the best facilities of transitional living with courses catering to self realization and development) in Amarillo.

Sante Center for Healing (a halfway house providing good transitional living facilities for men and women with quick healing processes of mind, body, and spirit) in Argyle.

A New freedom (rehab home with transitional living facility) in Houston.

Fairland Center (offers complete halfway house facilities with the latest amenities towards sober living) in Dublin.

Push Up Foundation Inc. (a halfway house for adults and adolescents with several centers in the city) in Austin.

Christian Farms Tree house Inc. (a halfway houses for men and woman catering to their recovery in a safe and secure environment and providing special activities for their development) in Belton.

Volunteers of America Texas Inc. (a non-profit unit offering sober living facilities for recovering individuals with few branches in the city) in Fort Worth.

Gateway Foundation (good sober living facility for men and women in a structured environment with quick healing processes and having several branches in the city) in Dallas.

L-H Transitional Center Inc. (provides a clean and safe place to live and helps in building a new life with a strong foundation to insure a better future) in Houston.

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